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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Who will Educate the Educators?

Stop this abuse! Posted by Hello

Good for you Chef Jamie Oliver! You've caught our imagination and stirred our consciences concerning the garbage rammed down our childrens' throats through parental collusion and mass marketing. (See this BBC Report). Goodness, you've even got our well fed politicians to sit up and pay attention! (But this is election year after all. Let's see what the situation is like in 12 months time shall we?)

Sometimes our school children in the UK only get 37p (70c) spent on the preparation of a school meal. At this sort of price and after the deregulation and cafeteria approach to school meal "reform" our children are being abused daily with nutritionless, carbo-rich, fat inducing c***. I should know. I teach. Every day I'm in school I see brown and orange, brown and orange. A few more enlightened schools provide sandwiches and fruit but they are a minority taste amongst our young, so long has the junk food agenda been pushed.

My contribution here though is a poke and a prod to teachers and heads everywhere. Bearing in mind the degree of nutrition abuse which has now afflicted two generations and to which you have been party through inaction, will you clean up your act and do something about this? I would like to hope so but to be honest, I look at what some colleagues are themselves eating in the classroom and I doubt it. The worst offenders are male teachers. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, come on now, let's save our children from premature death from obesity related diseases otherwise anything you do in the classroom will be pretty pointless. And while you're at it, let's have new dining areas attached to these new schools and new kitchens so that we can return to the socially enhancing and healthy former practice of having everyone seated together, served together and talking together. Eating is a sacred, holy activity. Let school dinners become eucharistic again! The nation's health, spiritual and physical depends on it. Rant over!

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Dave Holford said...

I teach at an 11-16 comprehensive with 1200 students. The queue (and there is only one) for the hot prepared food is always tiny. Howwever, having partaken of this food whenever I don't have time to put together a lunchbox, I can understand why. It is often the most unappetising fare. Except for the chips. Of the kids in the queue, most have the chips.

As for male teachers, I think there are only two real offenders in the junk-in-the-classroom category. Though I have cut out my doughnut at mrorning break, one of them is me.

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