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Monday, April 11, 2005

Fiction Becomes Reality in "The Village"

It's taken 6 years for fiction to become sick reality. The fictional character played by Jim Carrey in the 1998 film was to spend his life from cradle to grave on an enormous real time film set observed by millions. Now the Truman horror has become all too real in "The Village" a German "Big Brother" type show in which the filming (theoretically) never ends.

The voyeuristic appetite of celebrity obsessed western culture in which everyone craves fame has now reached its nadir. There is a deeper trend at work here I think, most accurately portrayed by the reported behaviour of the ostrich. Contemporary westerners don't want to engage with the world; they want an ersatz experience of a fake reality in which they become directors and their hapless victims dance to their pleasure. Meanwhile the real world of kings and dancers, (the one from which they are hiding,) subtly controls THEM through the bread and circuses of this mass anaesthesia. The final piece in this horror will be to hook the voyeurs themselves into this fake world by 24/7 technological immersion. You need never leave the set, never mind the participants. Meanwhile the real world is controlled by others who only wake you now and again to tell you that you should be scared, maybe of terrorism or asylum seekers or something, so that you can abdicate your political responsibility as citizens even more completely to The Protectors.

Over reacting? Well, I doubt whether I would have written this until I heard a commentator in Germany defending the show on the grounds that this is "real life" and a welcome alternative to politics. God help us!

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