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Monday, April 25, 2005

It Will Be Sadly Missed

The Mother of All Parliaments announces with great regret the passing away this year of the Spirit of Democracy. All citizens are encouraged to mourn the loss of this much loved friend.

Reliable witnesses testify not to its natural death, but rather its slow strangulation and murder. A cast of Usual Suspects has been released:-

(1) The removal of any real choice between the parties as all try to keep us happy with such evident banalities as "success for your child," "an end to crime," "a prosperous country" and so forth.
(2) The manipulation of facts and image to present a saleable commodity. This has effectively removed all the party leaders from genuine and unpredictable encounters with the public.
(3) The abolition of policy making in favour of crowd pleasing.

No flowers, donations to Fat Cats of Westminster please.

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