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Monday, May 09, 2005

Guest Contribution from Tony Rizk: "Immigration and Howard"

I am alarmed by the irresponsible stance adapted by the conservative party in the recent election campaign without any consideration to the lives of others in this country and to those of the British expatriate around the world. What disgusts me most, is that the ‘anti-immigrant’ campaign was endorsed by a leader who himself have roots outside the borders of this island and sure his parent may have been on the receiving end of this perilous emotional stirring.

I am a British citizen of a Lebanese origin and have lived in Britain for the last 20 years. Following the election, a colleague at work openly declared that although he didn’t vote conservative, he agrees with the Tory policies on immigration and that there are too many immigrants on the streets of the British cities who are taking jobs from British people. I would be foolish to assume that I didn’t expect such comments after the conservative persistent ‘anti-immigrant’ campaign. Considering the academic qualification at my work place, which is undoubtedly one of highest (vast majority hold either a PhD or an MSc), I dare not imagine the kind of harassment and abuse taking place at other organisations.

It is unlikely that this subject is going to disappear from the front pages of the right-wing media. However, I do hope that the end of the election will cool this issue and will allow a genuine and constructive discussion. I do also believe that the street is NOT the best place to sort out this issue and Mr. Howard should be aware not to cry ‘anti-Semitic’ when the fear culture he most eagerly fed is griping this nation. He should also remember not to blame the extreme right wing and Neo-Nazis when he is offering them ammunitions.

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Christina Marie said...

I visited my local Roman Catholic Church several times a few months ago. One of the things that really impressed me was the number of people from all around the world, ethnically writing. Irish, Polish, Filipino, Asians, Chinese. It was great.

I voted Conservative and I'm fed up with people thinking that someone who believes in limits to immigration, is anti-immigrant. I'm sick of every time someone mentions abuses going on under the cover of ethnic practises, such as forcing a woman into marrying she doesn't want to, or apostate Muslims being abused, as Fr Gregory has wrote about on this blog, they get called racist.

Michael Howard is not a racist, the truth is you are lying and slandering in this matter.

People are becoming afraid of speaking the truth that we as a Nation cannot take everyone in who wants to live here.

We are a generous Nation, we are a friendly Nation, we are a Nation who believe in personal freedom and looking after people who need looking after.

We have our limits though. We can't be bled dry.

We need controlled immigration, and I am not anti-immigrant, I do my best to be not anti-anyone thank you.


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