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Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Cosmic Web

Cosmic Web Posted by Hello

The Cosmic Web that is our Universe has now been realised visually in a simulation styled "Millennium" ... a project in which Britain has played no small part (Hurrah!), sustained by the Virgo Consortium. Oodles and doodles of computer power have gone into this simulation ... or rather, these simulations. Visualising the growth and development of awe inspiring galactic immensities through cosmic time is quite beyond this lowly ape but not beyond his tools. The data and coherence of vision will keep astrophysicists and cosmologists busy for at least 5 years; until, that is, a future simulation improves on this.

We can now see clearly the Universe of a truly grand scale. The galaxy super clusters, containing at least 100 billion galaxies in total, are strung out in the Hubble volume as cosmic filaments, a web of such colossal creative power, it humbles the mind.

As a believer I am confirmed in my faith for such humility cannot be fruitful simply as a sense of being cowed before such immensities as an ant might feel before a mountain, (if only he could look up!"). Rather, my humility is before my Creator who has endowed the Cosmos ITSELF with such creative potential. Faith gives the perspective. Add knowledge and we have wisdom.

Perhaps this is the future of Europe ... to look up, not inward. She knew that once.

Max Planck Institute Pictures and Movies

(Shame on you Durham though for not updating your web site. If you want more science graduates get a better public profile!)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Father.

As someone with a passing interest in astronomy I find that each new thing discovered, as you said, "humbles the mind".

Many years,

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