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Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Future of Europe?

The Future of Europe? Posted by Hello

So, the Dutch have voted a resounding "No!" to the new European Constitution. What is clear both from this and the French vote is that this is not simply about the Constitution nor is it (conveniently for some) a stick with which to beat unpopular national governments.

The "no" voters have talked in terms of national and cultural perspectives; in other words, what kind of a Europe is desirable rather than undesirable. Although the smell of fear and suspicion is clearly in the air, (the French nervous about a Anglo-Saxon Blairite capitalist agenda, the Dutch living with "liberal" unrease about Islam and possible Turkish membership), the failure of the neo-federalist project reveals just how undemocratic and out of touch Brussels is with both the mood and cultural diversity of the Continent. Some EU apparatchiks clearly have difficulty with the people exercising their democratic rights when the result displeases them. In this they are a little better than Mugabe or any old style Soviet party hack. The people have spoken, "causa finita est."

A gaping hole has now opened up under the floor of the Brussels plutocracy and the foundations of a closer (undemocratic) political union are just not there any more. So, what kind of a Europe do Europeans really want to see? A Europe in peace most certainly; a Europe without trade barriers and internal border rigidity of course. Is, or should there be, anything more to Europe than this though bearing in mind the cultural and linguistic diversity that exists on the Continent?

These questions are difficult to answer in the long term, but in the short term, probably not. History shows that political unity is either an organic process or one forged in and through the convulsions of conquest. The former route is usually secure, the latter unstable. Who knows what Europe's future is .... particularly in the light of the new ascendancies in the Far East. For now though, "No" means No. Deal with it.

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