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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Paschal Oration of St. Gregory the Theologian

St. Gregory Nazianzen Posted by Picasa

Many indeed are the miracles of that time: God crucified; the sun darkened and again rekindled; for it was fitting that the creatures should suffer with their Creator; the veil rent; the Blood and Water shed from His Side; the one as from a man, the other as above man; the rocks rent for the Rock's sake; the dead raised for a pledge of the final Resurrection of all men; the Signs at the Sepulchre and after the Sepulchre, which none can worthily celebrate; and yet none of these equal to the Miracle of my salvation. A few drops of Blood recreate the whole world, and become to all men what rennet is to milk, drawing us together and compressing us into unity.


Anonymous said...

A slightly unusual posting by you Abouna, in that you have not made any comment and have not spoken in language aimed at connecting with non-Orthodox. I am interested to know why this posting...?


Father Gregory said...

.... because George, this Blog does not have only one audience in mind. Also, I know non-Orthodox who have become Orthodox Christians by "diving straight in" as it were.

Andreas said...

It is interesting that you chose to quote from a work of the rhetorical art.

papa herman said...

Thank you for sharing this quote. In the midst of all of the wonderous things that occured at Christ' crucifixion and Resurrection it reminds me of the great miracle that is Salvation.

Ian said...

Thank you Father. I'd never heard of this before.

Wondrous: the last sentence especially brought me great joy and comfort.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to found this page, I am a catholic chilean mom, I'M searching information about United Kingdom (homework's son) but I've been reading learning, and thougt "in different path, ways and people we can find our Lord"
God bless you father.
(Sorry about my language)

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