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Friday, June 08, 2007

"Physician, heal Thyself" (Luke 4:23)

Plenty of folk have remedies for reforming their religion. If a spirituality doesn't suit, get a new one. If your pastor isn't to your taste, find one that is. If you disagree with your denomination, maybe strike out and form a new one. How far this is from New Testament teaching concerning the Church! The Church is simply the believers in one place, one body, partaking of the breaking of the bread, the apostles' teaching and fellowship and prayers, (Acts 2:42). She isn't our 'plaything' ... our pet project, our 'bete noir', our favourite punch bag. Self appointed 'popes' abound, self righteous architects of a better, more modern and relevant Christianity ministering only to their own egos and desires.

Hear what the Athonite elder Paisius said about this:-

"If one hopes to help the Church, one would be better to correct oneself, and not others. If you correct yourself, then a small part of the Church will be corrected. And it is obvious that if everyone did that, then the Church would be brought into perfect order. But people today are occupied with everything possible except themselves, because it is easy to fix others, but it requires effort to fix oneself."

Let us endeavour by grace first to "fix oneself."


Steve Hayes said...

God seems to be whispering the same Bible verses in both hemishpheres at once!

James said...

This posting of yours touched my spirit. With the ipod/google/youtube generation everything is customised to suit the user's tastes. I don't want that aspect of my generation to seep into my spiritual life.

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