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Monday, November 14, 2011

Syria is not Libya

The west is making preparations for military involvement in both Syria and Iran.  Superficially some may think that such action, particularly in relation to Syria is comparable to the intervention and overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya.  It is not.  Libya was and is a uniformly Sunni Islamic country.  Syria is not.  Gaddafi had no friends in the Arab world.  Assad may have few such friends now as well but Iran (also threatened) is a different matter.  The Iranians are neither Arab nor Sunni and they are aligned with Syria. 

If (God forbid) Syria should descend into civil war can the west be sure that Iran will not intervene if Syria is threatened?  Maybe Hezbollah (Iran backed) will start agitating again in the Lebanon.  How will Israel feel then?  If Iran is herself attacked it will be a gift to Shiite propaganda that the Arab League is pro-western in this matter.  Such sentiments are already being expressed by pro-Government demonstrations in Damascus (hardly insignificant in size and passion).  We know that Al-Quaeda has no time for what it sees as quizling Sunni regimes whom it excoriates as doing anything to protect western oil revenues and the wealthy lifestyles that minority Sunni political classes enjoy in the modern, technocratic yet still feudal Gulf states.  So, with Syria imploding, Iran exploding and yet more oil being poured on Islamist propaganda fires am I still to believe that the west is only concerned with human rights issues?  As usual with Blairite interventionism one has to ask quite seriously whether western politicians in realpolitik terms are stupid or cunning.  Straightforward they certainly are not.  And this is in my name?  More from the invariably reliable Robert Fisk ... Independent article.

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